Ozempic Could Make Your Muscle tissues and Bones Weaker

Ozempic Could Make Your Muscle tissues and Bones Weaker

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Weight reduction drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy may also help folks drop kilos rapidly, however they will additionally trigger a fast lack of muscle mass and bone density until life-style modifications are made. anandaBGD/Getty Photos
  • Fast weight reduction from taking GLP-1 drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy may cause a lower in muscle mass, reduce bone density, and decrease your resting metabolic charge, resulting in sarcopenia.
  • Sarcopenia is the gradual lack of muscle mass, power, and performance and is usually related to growing older.
  • Life-style modifications resembling rising protein consumption and incorporating power and resistance coaching may also help fight muscle and bone density loss whereas taking GLP-1 drugs.

Many individuals taking glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) medicine like Ozempic or Wegovy (semaglutide) and Mounjaro (tirzepatide) expertise fast weight reduction.

“Based on a scientific trial of Ozempic, after 68 weeks on the remedy, 86.4% of members misplaced 5% or extra of their physique weight, and 69.1% misplaced 10% or extra of their physique weight.”

Whereas weight reduction can result in well being advantages, dropping pounds quickly also can trigger a lower in muscle mass, reduce bone density, and decrease your resting metabolic charge, resulting in sarcopenia — the gradual lack of muscle mass, power, and performance.

“Sarcopenia impacts the aged inhabitants and sometimes is related to growing older. Nonetheless, quickly dropping pounds with GLP-1s like Ozempic or Wegovy with out the right food regimen and train also can trigger sarcopenia (generally known as ‘skinny fats’) at any age, negatively affecting an individual’s high quality of life by lowering their stamina and skill to carry out every day actions, resembling simply strolling up stairs,” Dr. Rekha Kumar, a training endocrinologist in NYC and Chief Medical Officer of Discovered, advised Healthline.

Sarcopenic weight problems mimics weight problems, she added, and happens when an individual’s BMI is within the regular or low vary, however their ranges of lean muscle are so low that fats and bones are the one metabolically lively tissue.

“[It’s] necessary to notice {that a} decrease physique weight doesn’t at all times imply that an individual is more healthy. After some weight reduction is achieved and an individual reaches a plateau, it is very important assess physique composition.”

Knowledge that’s elevating concern about sarcopenia because it pertains to GLP-1 medicine is pushed by a small portion of members who underwent DEXA (dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry), which measures bone mineral density utilizing spectral imaging, mentioned Dr. Karl Nadolsky, endocrinologist and diplomate on the American Board of Weight problems Medication.

“Of this subset, the overall mass loss was almost 14 kg and whereas almost 8.5 kg (about 60%) was fats loss, the 5 kg lean mass loss reported was 38%, which is on the excessive finish of what we’d anticipate,” he advised Healthline. “That mentioned, DEXA is definitely imperfect in splicing the small print of this physique composition change as adipose tissue consists of loads of ‘lean mass.’ Moreover, the placebo group misplaced extra lean mass (-1.83kg) than fats mass (1.37kg), which exhibits potential error.”

Nadolsky identified that fast weight reduction, usually, will cut back resting metabolic charge to a point.

For example, a meta-analysis confirmed that individuals who underwent bariatric surgical procedure demonstrated over 8kg of fat-free mass and lean physique mass loss inside 1 yr post-bariatric surgical procedure, which mirrored 21% and 22% of complete physique weight reduction, respectively.

“Any time folks shed some pounds, one-quarter to one-third of that weight will be muscle, and the sooner we lose, the extra possible we’re to lose muscle. Whereas 20% discount in muscle mass appears regular for somebody dropping pounds, the issue is the size of time by which this muscle loss happens,” mentioned Kumar.

As a result of the load loss course of on GLP-1s is so quick, she mentioned folks must be additional vigilant of their dietary consumption, particularly rising their consumption of protein, to keep away from sarcopenic weight problems.

“Moreover, whereas a advantage of GLP-1s has typically proven constructive cardiovascular outcomes knowledge (much less coronary heart assaults, much less strokes, much less cardiovascular dying), I predict that this profit gained’t be there if sufferers have sarcopenic weight problems,” mentioned Kumar.

The next life-style modifications may also help stop a lower in muscle mass and bone density whereas dropping pounds quick for many who take GLP-1 drugs like Ozempic or Wegovy.

Enhance protein consumption

A systematic assessment and meta-analysis discovered that dietary trials with greater protein lead to much less lean mass loss and extra fats mass loss in comparison with decrease protein consumption.

“Vitamin must also optimize protein in a personalised means,” mentioned Nadolsky.

To maximise muscle preservation throughout lively weight reduction, Kumar mentioned to concentrate on consuming 25-30 grams of protein per meal.

“Moreover, consuming protein reduces starvation, so replenish on it alongside first with non-starchy greens after which transfer onto carbs for those who’re nonetheless hungry, as a way to guarantee you might be consuming sufficient protein at every meal,” Kumar mentioned.

She recommends low/nonfat Greek yogurt and cottage cheese instead of bitter cream, and meal prepping lean protein, resembling air-fried hen breast, in order that it’s simply accessible. Moreover, including beans to salads, selecting quinoa over rice or pasta, and supplementing with protein powders and drinks are good methods to get extra protein.

Energy and resistance coaching

Resistance coaching mitigates all muscle loss that happens throughout caloric restriction, based on a meta-analysis.

“It’s crucial to include some kind of individualized resistance coaching for everybody present process therapeutic weight reduction interventions,” mentioned Nadolsky.

Kumar defined that power and resistance coaching does the next:

  • Preserves muscle throughout weight reduction so that you just’re shedding fats as a substitute of muscle mass.
  • Will increase your metabolism, serving to your physique burn extra energy all through the day, even when at relaxation.
  • Improves mobility, high quality of every day life, and will increase each your lifespan and “healthspan,” the interval by which you might be in good well being.

She suggests beginning with 2-3 power exercises per week.

“Match it in when you’ll be able to. Maintain dumbbells at your desk at work to get a number of reps in throughout a break, do a fast set of lunges down the hallway, or problem your self to carry a plank through the industrial break of your favourite TV present,” Kumar mentioned.

Wholesome, restorative, and constant sleep patterns affect varied hormones concerned in physique weight regulation and muscle power, resembling cortisol and progress hormone, mentioned Kumar.

“Optimum circadian patterns of those hormones can contribute to a more healthy physique composition,” she mentioned. “Conversely, sleep deprivation can result in elevated ranges of your starvation hormone, inflicting extra meals cravings.”

The chance of muscle loss and sarcopenic weight problems whereas taking GLP-1s is one purpose Kumar careworn that individuals on these drugs ought to be beneath the supervision of a medical skilled and supported by a diet skilled, “resembling a registered dietitian who can guarantee they’re assembly protein wants and avoiding well being dangers,” she mentioned.

Nadolsky mentioned physicians must embrace the potential adversarial results of some lean mass loss when they’re treating folks with weight problems and assist sufferers mitigate that with resistance coaching and protein optimization.

Nonetheless, he additionally identified that analysis exhibits regardless of no matter lean mass loss accompanied weight reduction whereas taking GLP-1s, the person’s well being improved.

“The improved well being consists of cardiometabolic well being (like sort 2 diabetes and lowered cardiovascular outcomes) together with bodily operate and high quality of life,” mentioned Nadolsky. “We shouldn’t be utilizing weight problems pharmacotherapy or surgical procedure in those that should not have the illness of weight problems and thus the advantages will outweigh any of these dangers if utilized within the indicated affected person inhabitants.”