A New Natural Drugs by Sao Thai Duong JSC SUNKOVIR Successfully Treats Covid-19, Flu, and Ailments Brought on by Respiratory Virus

A New Natural Drugs by Sao Thai Duong JSC SUNKOVIR Successfully Treats Covid-19, Flu, and Ailments Brought on by Respiratory Virus


Sunkovir – new natural drugs for Covid-19

A New Natural Drugs by Sao Thai Duong JSC SUNKOVIR Successfully Treats Covid-19, Flu, and Ailments Brought on by Respiratory Virus

Sunkovir – new natural drugs for Covid-19

HANOI, Vietnam, April 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SUNKOVIR, the natural drugs developed by Sunstar, was granted advertising authorization by the Ministry of Well being of Vietnam in its choice No. 82/QD-YDCT on April 12th, 2023. As well as of being administered to Covid-19 sufferers, SUNKOVIR can also be utilized in circumstances attributable to the transmission of respiratory virus, flu. The outcomes embrace a fast discount of signs comparable to coughs, fever, issue in respiration, lack of sense of scent and style, sinusitis, physique ache, muscle ache, sore throat, rhinitis, headache, normal fatigue, chest ache, sneezing, coldness, hoarseness, sweating, and drowsiness. It’s protected for sufferers, kids from 3 years outdated, on replica and genetics.

SUNKOVIR has been formally accepted by the Nationwide Ethics Committee in Vietnam as a protected and efficient product after eight medical trials and preclinical trials taken place between January 2021 and December 2022 in addition to six inner researches at Sao Thai Duong JSC.

Sunkovir - new herbal medicine for Covid-19

Sunkovir – new natural drugs for Covid-19

Part III medical trial (C573) involving 573 Covid-19 sufferers was carried out at two websites, the Conventional Drugs Institute of Ho Chi Minh Metropolis and the Hanoi Hospital of Conventional Drugs. The examine had been designed primarily based on worldwide scientific and moral requirements in medical research on COVID-19 sufferers in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki and Good Scientific Observe tips (ICH-GCP). The examine have been revealed on www.clinicaltrials.gov.

The analysis has been accepted for publication on the science publications Pubmed and Phytotherapy Analysis of the community Scopus of Wiley (February 2023) – https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/36751127/.

Previous to that, the 2 medical researches A66 and B100 have additionally been accepted for publications.

The primary examine (A66), between July and September 2021, carried out a double-blind randomized managed trial on 66 sufferers. The outcomes had been revealed on June 22nd, 2022 – Phytotherapy analysis, Quantity 36, Problem 7, p.2878-2888.

The second examine (B1000), between August and December 2021, carried out medical analysis on 1,000 COVID-19 sufferers. The outcomes had been revealed on November 2022 – Phytotherapy analysis, letter to the editor, ptr.7668.

  1. No improve in stage of severity:
    Within the three trials, not one of the 1,115 Covid-19 sufferers who got SUNKOVIR skilled a rise in stage of severity.
    It’s value noting that 6.2% and 6.0% of the unvaccinated sufferers; 0,5% of vaccinated patents in three research who weren’t given SUNKOVIR noticed a rise within the stage of severity.
    Sharp lower in signs and stage of severity:
    SUNKOVIR resulted in a fast and sharp lower of signs displayed by sufferers from the threerd day.

  2. Shorten the size of therapy:
    Within the analysis C573, The common time for the group given SUNKOVIR to be free from all signs was 7 days. The common time for the group given placebo was 11 days.

  3. Much less use of medicines:
    SUNKOVIR Capsules resulted in a pointy lower in the usage of corticoid, anticoagulant, NSAIDs, cough drugs, expectorant drug, anti- histamine, and so on.

  4. Faster in attaining a damaging PCR check end result:
    The group of sufferers given SUNKOVIR has a better share of sufferers who examined damaging PCR outcomes from the 5th day than the group given placebo.

  5. Actual enchancment in affected person wellbeing:
    The wellbeing of the group of sufferers given SUNKOVIR progressively improved as their therapy went on and was better than that of the group given placebo.

  6. Security:
    SUNKOVIR was protected to sufferers 3 occasions per day and three capsules every time at some point of 14 days.

Preclinical research:
SUNKOVIR produces pharmacological results in restoring the broken immune system on the dose of 6 or 9 capsules/day/particular person…

SUNKOVIR doesn’t trigger acute toxicity on the dose of 156 capsules/day/particular person and semi-chronic toxicity on the dose of 9 and 27 capsules/day/particular person constantly for 30 days.

The reproductive toxicity on the rats on the doses equal of 6 and 9 capsules/day/particular person, exhibits that there was no toxicity:

  • to the female and male rats throughout their complete replica course of.

  • to the feminine rats throughout the being pregnant and lactation.

  • to the event of the rats’ offspring.

The genetic toxicity on bone marrow cells on the rats, which got the equal of 6 and 9 capsules/day/particular person, confirmed that neither dose stage induced any improve within the proportion of rats with mutations in comparison with the management group.

The achievement of researches which has confirmed that Vietnamese natural medicines are protected and efficient within the combat towards the Covid-19 pandemic. This result’s an encouragement for Vietnamese Conventional Drugs to proceed contributing to the general public with beneficial natural merchandise. Benefitting from its lengthy historical past of utilizing conventional drugs in therapy of illnesses, the Affiliation of Conventional Drugs of Vietnam with its 70.000 members, together with physicians at central and regional ranges, is finishing up quite a few research to guage the outcomes from medical trials of conventional medicines presently being utilized in Vietnam.

SUNKOVIR accommodates 100% pure elements and is produced by Sao Thai Duong JSC which is a Vietnam-based science and expertise firm with 23 years of expertise within the area of natural drugs. The corporate presently has greater than 300 natural medicinal merchandise, dietary dietary supplements, and cosmetics that are offered extensively in Vietnam and exported to the UK, USA, Europe, and China.


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